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13 October 2019 0550

The rough drafts of three of the Dragon's Daughter books are done, and editing is ongoing.  The first book working title was changed from Dragon's Acolytes to Gathering of Dragons.  The second book title is Reality and Illusion, which probably won't be changed. I have a working title for the third book of Nemesis of Arret, but that may change depending on how I outline the fourth book.  

The draft cover art for the first book was tweeted out a week or so ago, and has been tweaked a bit since then.  The three books will be between 240,000 and 300,000 words, give or take 10,000.  A fourth book is planned, but the original outline only had 3 books, so it, plus anything new that might arise associated with that story line, will be finished in the next year along with the other books that I plan to publish next year.  Those books include the remaining 2 books in the Full Spectrum series and possibly the continuation of the Warrior trilogy.

I'm still working to publish 4 books this year, with these three, plus the delayed Seren: Legends of the Galaxy, which is still being edited.  Cover art for Seren was tweeted months ago before things went to hell in our personal life.  With two an a half months left before the end of the year, and little else on the horizon with respect to upheavals in our lives, I think that's doable.

14 August 2019 1630

The rough draft of the first book in the Saga of the Dragon's Daughter "Dragon's Acolytes" was just finished.  At a little over 70,000 words, it's about right for the first rough draft.

I will be starting the next book in the series, "Reality and Illusion" immediately, rather than doing the editing on the new one like I usually do. The plan is to finish the entire thing before publishing it.

I'll be editing periodically, though.  I have three and a half months before the end of the year, and two finished books that have to be edited, one much farther along than the other, with cover art all done.  I also have two more books in this series to write, but that's going faster than I usually do it.

That's my current time-line.  I'm not sure I can PUBLISH four books this year as hoped - my moving saga this summer blew a three month hole in my writing time.  But I do expect to FINISH the writing on those four I had planned to put out by the end November (or, possibly, October), giving me enough time between then and the end of January to edit, cover-art and publish them all, and have many others on the docket for next year, so I should be on track after this.

06 June 2019  1300

After a crash course in HTML coding, I believe I have the website mostly up and functional.  Since I was pulling much of the text out of a database, and trying to parse out the database code from the text, well, some words got eaten somehow.  Mostly, the were "were, was, her, for, who and why".  I have no idea how that happened.  If you happen to catch a missing word here or there, that's why it's not there.  I'll be checking things out over time and fixing them as I go.

The centering issues are now fixed.  That was a result of the HTMP code not understanding what I wanted, so I beat it up with multiple copy and pastes from the one page I got right, and adjusted tops accordingly.  It's not "perfect", but it's functional.

26 May 2019

I started a 4 book per year goal in 2017 and have been able to keep it so far.  This year, though, things may be different.  I'm used to a stable home life and unfortunately, our landlord needs his house back to live in.  So we are going to have to move, and so far have no idea where we will be.  We hope to stay in the same  general area, but the housing costs here are the worst in the country, with a three bedroom home going for $2600/month (and that's a cheap one).  

Our finances are not good, and there's a very real possibility that we might end up homeless (at least for a time).

Needless to say, this will have a major deterimental impact on my writing.  I HOPE to get the third Seren book out before we have to move (which is August 1st).  But I won't be finishing any others before then, because I won't have the focus I need to do them justice.

The book descriptions and backstory pages will likely wait until we're settled into a more reliably permanent living situation.  If you'd like to help out I started a GoFundMe for us around the beginning of this month.  Even if you can't donate, passing on the link to your Facebook page or Twitter account would be greatly appreciated.

It should come as no surprise that the website is different.

As a forum, it was convenient for me to add things from time to time, but I'm not entirely certain it was worth the trouble.  It required frequent updating and my original domain host could offer no assistance.  In the last update, the whole website basically blew up.

This caused me to reevaluate how this was going to work out, and I decided not to get too fancy and just put up the stuff that needed to be put up.  In other words, I'm rocking it like it's 1999 again – literally – in how I'm putting this thing together.

I'll still be putting up new books, under the List of Books, and making announcements here as well as on Twitter.  I'm debating the wisdom of continuing to have the "Coming Attractions" list, since many times I've put things on there, then decided not to publish them after all.  Right now, I don't plan on doing that anymore as formal announcements.  But I expect to be mentioning things I might be working on in the Being P. H. Campbell page.

So my pace is going to change a bit.  When I finish a book and have the cover art started, THEN I know I'll publish it.  Then it will show up on List of Books as "pending", which means it should be published within the next few weeks.

So that's how I plan to do things from now on.  Of course, if things change, I'll let you folks know.